Erogames changelog and updates

MESSAGE 14/05/22

We started a clean rebuild of all the games that were previously on the website.
This is due to a change in one of Chrome updates that made all Ren'Py games unplayable.

New games should be popping up to the website every few hours.

MESSAGE 28/02/22

For the past week we've been pushing out new games that use our updated version of the web player.
Existing games added before do not have said fixes implemented.

We will be updating previously added games after the current batch of new games.

MESSAGE 10/02/22

We've seen your reports of games crashing and have been working on potential fixes. And I have some goods news, we might've figured out a way to get rid of 90% the errors everyone might've experienced so far.

We are very excited to get this update out, though it might take us a couple of days of testing before we can roll it out game by game.